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We see @arf_22’s life in pie… arfysdreams:

In terms of control
I’d say I have the most control over my friends/family/religion
However time at the moment is so tight that they are seeing less and less of me. 
As you can see dissertation and documentary are my life at the moment and are eating up my time the most, something I don’t have much control over as I got to do it well pass my degree!
(Not sure I’ve done this right but hey I thought I’d try do the homework for once as I’ve been pretty crap with spark and mettle homework this term too!) x

Arfah's Awesome Convo With A Profesional!

Our awesome @arf_22 and her awesome conversation with a journalist…


(First of all I am so crap at my spark and mettle homework this term, I will catch up eventually, so so sorry!)

Anyway I was put in touch with Kate Ryder a freelance journalist for The Economist. Who was just soo soo awesome!

I met up with her and first of all she didn’t let me pay for hot…

Fran's Life Map Realisations...


Looking back on my life map, I realise how incredibly lucky I’ve been this year in snagging the job of the century. Therefore the bits in my map which focused on career are a bit hard to do now. I have chosen to have a look at the personal life side of things… I said when making my life map how…


James not utterly decided how he makes a decision… 


ummmm… how do i make a decision… ummmmm

….tricky one….

….i am very systematic, thats the engineer in me. small decision steps, never skip a step. take each step as i go. if i skip a step i make a wrong decision. 

I know i have made a good decision when it comes out with a successful outcome!!!its the destination not the journey - well sometimes…

this is a very tricky one for me. tricky.


James sets some goals… jamesmichaelwinfield:

1. There is a course that the world bank does http://einstitute.worldbank.org/ei/course/low-carbon-development

2. Get an internship to c if it was what i want to do, the right direction

3. start being a bit more careful with my money, be more like Fran and start my pension (legend).

4. Increase my will power by training for the Edinburgh half marathon

5. cook nice food. practise. practise. practise. EAT

And to round up the international trilogy… 

3rd vox pop.
Name: Kelly
Age: 14
From:DR Congo, Africa
Purpose in life? To become a mother. Then to make lots of money, cash, wonga.
What’s a good life? A good life doesn’t exist because there will always be problems.
Anything else? Gianni rocks

Coco and revitalising


When I think of a work place I think of the British Library, it’s just ideal because you’re able to immerse yourself in whatever you’re doing, there’s no distractions. Also the availability of coffee is pretty awesome. I doubt I’ll end up working there, but I’d be able to work as hard provided…

Bryony is thinking about thinking


If I were to place a living human brain in a tank with all the necessary elements to keep it alive, would it think? What if I were to attach eyes and ears and other sensory organs or even simply mimic the input of these sensory organs by stimulating it with tiny electrodes - would it think?…

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Coco: mettle and goals


Aim 1: Get a first in my course at uni.

  • Do all the note taking I need/want to do, no matter how boring it gets.
  • Do essays well in advance with a range of well researched sources.
  • Attend all seminars and lectures.

Will power/ mettle score: 3 - because although some of the work isn’t that…

Kareem: Life Map Aims

Not an un-ambitious young man… 


Hi Readers!!!!

This weeks Spark and Mettle tasks were about setting goals for three of the aims on our life maps which we did a while back. ENJOY!!!

Aim 1: Become a Formula 1 driver (win Club100 2012)

Goal 1: Secure 6000GBP of funding in order to race club100 this year
Goal 2:…

Arfah's Willpower/Mettle


Reading for Pleasure

Generally due to uni and stuff and always being on the internet I hardly read a book.

Goal 1: Make a list of books I aim to read by the end of this year. Keep it realistic nothing more then 10 books to begin with. Half fiction and Half Non Fiction Books.


Suraj’s flow time line infographic