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Account of My Wellbeing… 
I have taken this test 2 times now and this is the third- always with different results but I think this is the most reflective of my personal place at the moment. I would agree in most areas,that although I am not hugely positive, I do definitely have a lack of negative emotions. General ambivalence to many things I guess I would describe that as. I think, as I always say with these questionnaires, it really depends on the time of day as to how up or down my chart looks!!! 

Suraj’s flow time line infographic



I thought I better offer a little explanation about my coat of arms. Central is the cross, which signifies the importance of God in my life and surrounding everything else is one of my favourite Bible verses: “Give thanks always. Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong but always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else. Be joyful always. Pray continually.”
The cross is also illustrated with people, showing the importance of relationships. Each segment shows something that is important to me: Mountains and sea = travel, adventure and exploring the world. Leaves and butterfly = the natural world. Book and quill = reading, writing, creativity and the pursuit of knowledge.
I struggled to fill the last segment, there were lots of things I could have put but none of them quite made the grade. In the end I realised a question mark was probably the best use of this space as uncertainty, change and new curiosities will always be a constant in my life. This isn’t a negative thing! I love the mystery!

My philosophy to life: my dad always says “if you reach for the stars you will sure to get the moon” 
you take that how ever you want. I take it as if to say if you work hard and you are ambition you’ll do okay, even if you don’t get those ‘stars’. AIM HIGH!!

So here is my coat of arms.
It looks so simple and like I rushed it. But I’m not the best of artists. It took me a while to really think about my phillosophy in life and to be honest it was pretty hard.
The heart as you can see represents love. I think that has got to be a huge part of me, in terms of the love and support I get from my friends and family.
Dreams: I am a dreamer.. I dream and have many dreams I want to achieve and I think its also a huge part of me.
The Grin: Yeah thats me too and symoolizes happiness. I am a generally a postive happy person who has lots of positive relationship so it all comes under the big grin cuz I’m happy due to all these ingredients in my life.
Placard: Sums up most my student life, but generally apart form protesting one thing or another. Change is the bigger message for me. When I’m working and in a career I want to do be doing something that changes the world for the better no matter how tiny it is. I want to play a part in helping the world go around.
We say: AWESOME. giannibolemole says:

This coat of arms is a follow up from this week’s hang out. It’s therefore geared towards happiness.

Green Bee: New Year... New...


During my time at home this Christmas I made time to sort through some of the many boxes that have been languishing under my bed and came across - amongst other things - my new years resolution list 2004. There were 36. Thirty six! Unsurprisingly I think I failed to keep most of them beyond…

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Pretty and pretty useful little wheel of emotions right here, folks

I couldnt sleep last night so I did a little career map, outlining all the pros and cons of my different paths. Cos I have set myself such a big challenge, such a big dream. I have to get my next steps (after Uni) right otherwise I think I’ll struggle to go back on myself and still achieve that goal of speaking at the UN climate summit. So here is the plan…
Arfah’s life map. Ooo Arrrhhhhhhhh

Better late then never….
o   What do you want to protect in your life? 
I want to protect my family and friends, my faith, my health, dreams, hopes, my morals and ethics and freedom. 
o   What do you know already, and what do you want to learn?
I already know media theory, I know how to present, I know editing, Photoshop and producing. I enjoy writing however my spelling and grammer and structure always let me down so its something I want to work on. I want to learn how to have a broadcasting voice. I want to learn patience, time management and a work life balance. Funny enough though I do want to learn to cook just not from my mother who will just shout at me for everything I do wrong! 

o   What might threaten you?
 Arguments with loves especially family, so I do fear losing them over stuff. I fear unemployment but then also giving up. I fear being lonely and homeless. I fear not having any money to get by, I fear illness and death. 
o   What do you hope for? 
Well I hope to have a good healthy career in the media industry let that be TV or radio. Ideally I’d want a job that has fixed hours but then also has special projects that allows me to go beyond and out and about. I also hope to inspire other young people and carrying on with spark and mettle after I graduate and taking on another role. If I don’t make it in the industry I think I’d make a good but happy media teacher as I do like to work with young people. I dream to own a house one day, oh and have a happy marriage with a handsome prince (fairytales and all right?!) and well have a family of my own one day but being able to maintain a work life balance. 
Laurell’s super cool map :)
Coco showcases the Octopus Of Doom
James’ life map definitively does not include Santa
Suraj’s life map is Out Of This World
Gianni’s life map… it’s frickin awesome too.