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Arfah's Awesome Convo With A Profesional!

Our awesome @arf_22 and her awesome conversation with a journalist…


(First of all I am so crap at my spark and mettle homework this term, I will catch up eventually, so so sorry!)

Anyway I was put in touch with Kate Ryder a freelance journalist for The Economist. Who was just soo soo awesome!

I met up with her and first of all she didn’t let me pay for hot…

Fran's filosophy (sorry, my bad)


This was initially an easy peasy question, which once I began writing on here became more problematic. Through our conversation online, I chose ‘Just get on with it’… which in all honesty is a bit miserable and humpy. So I had to think again about how best to re-word my meaning behind that… SO…

Fran asks her mum a question or two...


o Is there an activity that you enjoy doing when you simply don’t notice time going by?

Reading, gardening, cooking

o What do you particularly like about that activity? (Solitary, physicality, mental exertion, using imagination, experimenting etc)

Relaxing, no other…

We say: AWESOME. giannibolemole says:

This coat of arms is a follow up from this week’s hang out. It’s therefore geared towards happiness.

Green Bee: New Year... New...


During my time at home this Christmas I made time to sort through some of the many boxes that have been languishing under my bed and came across - amongst other things - my new years resolution list 2004. There were 36. Thirty six! Unsurprisingly I think I failed to keep most of them beyond…

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Never has something felt more relevant or more true.